7AFE / 7AGZE Stroker Kit

Engine Parts
$2850.00 USD


The Spool Toyota 7AFE / 7AGZE Stroker Kit Includes:

This kit will have custom pistons and conrods to suit the 4AGE  16V or 20V Cylinder head on the 7AFE block - thats a 1900cc 4AGE

  • SPOOL Billet 4340 90mm Stroker Crankshaft - 8 bolt 4AGE style flywheel flange
  • SPOOL H Beam Forged Conrods
  • CP Custom Pistons with rings pins and locks


Toyota 7AFE / 7AGE 90 mm Billet 4340 Stroker Crankshaft - Rated at 800HP plus / 10000rpm


Full billet 4340 nitrided balanced crankshaft



The 7AFE engine in its factory form has a 81mm bore and 85.5mm stroke, giving a displacement of  1762cc.


Using the 90 mm stroker crank, custom length conrods and custom pistons, the displacement is increased as follows:


  • 81.5mm bore and the 90 mm stroker crank = 1878cc
  • 82 mm bore and the 90 mm stroker crank = 1901cc


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